joyce (joyce) wrote in stackofbooks,

books about books

I'm a sucker for books about books. This weekend, I finished The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop, part memoir and part history about bookselling, which was a touch dry but mostly very interesting. I also recently inhaled Booked to Die, the first of a mystery series about a cop turned rare book dealer (highly readable, and highly recommended.) However, so far, my favorite books about books are the Thursday Next series, starting with The Eyre Affair. The series is very readable without having read Jane Eyre or the other books referenced, but the problem with reading books about books is that now I want to go and read Jane Eyre and Great Expectations and then go back and read the Thursday Next books again, so that I can get all of the in-jokes.

So, am I the only person with a thing for books about books? If not, what are your favorites?
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